Enhanced eBooks / iBooks

Welcome to all of you, particularly if you already have published eBooks and iBooks.

TeleSpheres is not just the place for simple format and publish jobs.

Psalm 23
Psalm 23

TeleSpheres’ creative cutting edge team brings your books alive for readers of all generations,  TeleSpheres creates better, more intense, more memorable experiences for your audience by producing, formatting, and publishing Interactive eBooks and iBooks featuring the following array of enhancements to choose from:

– Animations
– Interactive Elements (Subtle touches that help bring the book to life)
– Sound Effects (imagine: door opens, shot is fired, glass drops & shatters, woman screams)
– Mood Music (like the cinematic experience to set just the perfect atmosphere)
– Video Clips, Music, Orchestration, Narration (whatever fits best)

Find out just how low it costs to enhance and bring your eBooks, iBooks, and publications to the next level. Your readers will be delighted you did.

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